Our Principles

Our Principles

Our Principles


The agency is committed to three basic principles:

  • Compass shall unfailingly conduct all of its affairs in conformity with its mission to provide services in a multicultural context, to Anglophone, Francophone and First Nation clients. Services delivered will be specific to each client’s culture and language.
  • Compass exists and operates within the larger context of the community’s children’s services system and the direction provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
  • Whenever possible and appropriate Compass shall pursue and maintain mutually satisfying partnerships with the key stakeholders operating within its constituency.

The agency will deliver services that: conform to the following descending order of priority

  1. Clients who are children in need of treatment.
  2. Consumers who are significantly involved with these children.
  3. The community at large.

The services:

  1. May be provided for a child as an individual.
  2. May include a child’s family and significant others to serve the best interests of the child.
  3. Will consider what has been tried in the past.
  4. Will adapt the type, intensity and length of treatment to the needs of the child and family.
  5. Are well planned and coordinated across service providers.
  6. Address desired results that are specific to each child.
  7. Are limited to the least intrusive means to suit the child’s treatment needs.
  8. Are culturally and linguistically appropriate.
  9. Rely on an effective collaboration with other service providers.
  10. Comply with legal requirements, Ministry policies, the voluntary standards of the Children Mental Health Ontario, the agency’s operational policies as well the priorities set by the agency and its funding agreements.
  11. Are evidence based treatments.
  12. Are provided in a cost effective manner that respects the limitations and opportunities afforded by the agency’s allocations and maximizes the distribution of resources to direct service delivery.


We believe that the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are accountable for carrying out their respective role in accordance with the following values:

  1. Client involvement and partnership is grounded on mutual trust, respect and a full appreciation of one and other’s perspectives.
  2. Diverse mental health strategies and approaches will assist a child/youth and her family to avoid, overcome or lessen the severity of her mental health problems.
  3. Family, language, culture and community are key to developing and nurturing a child/youth’s sound mental health.
  4. Community based prevention and early intervention services are fundamental to helping children/youth and their families recognize and build on their existing strengths.
  5. Staffs are our most valuable resource.